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Ocean Colour for the Determination
of Water Column Biological Processes.

The MAST III and the INCO project
# MAS3-CT97-0085

The aim of this study is relate changes in the properties of the water column and associated sucessions in the phytoplankton with changes in optical properties and ocean colour. Models based on these relationships will be developed and validated. These models will facilitate the interpretation of measurements of ocean colour (remote or in-situ) in terms of the temporal and spatial structures of phytoplankton communities.

Project is coordinated by

Dr. John Patching
The Martin Ryan Marine Science Institute,
University College Galway
Phone: +353-91-524411 ext 2398
Fax: +353-91-525005

Project Overview
Tasks List
Field Studies Location: Gdansk Bay, Baltic and Galway Bay, West Coast of Ireland
Ships: "Celtic Voyager" and "Oceania"

Participant Area - Updated BIOCOLOR5 cruise information;

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